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Since opening in 2016 ICARE INTERNATIONAL has been proud to serve the African continent through its Community Connect interventions. We are committed to ensuring that African children living in Africa and beyond are giving the platform to grow, live and maximize their full potentials
to contribute and participate as a productive member of their society. We believe children and young people are the future of Africa and through our programmes and partnership we can lay a solid foundation for transformational leadership. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

ICARE INTERNATIONAL from inception in 2016 has been working to ensure the rights of children and young people are upheld and mainstreamed through our interventional programmes which will enable them maximize their full potentials as a change maker. Our team has focused on activities that promote child safety, protection, participation, education for the development of a total child. We promote youth empowerment through our various partnerships across Africa; create a platform for entrepreneurial skills and development to reduce poverty and unemployment among
the African youths.. We believe Africa has what it takes to reduce poverty, unemployment and insecurity if we can independently develop ‘own solutions for own problems’ without external or foreign intervention. We believe everyone is saddled with the responsibility of protecting and promoting the ‘rights of children’ living in Africa and everywhere. We have three programmes focus;

We work in Africa. We are in Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia and Malawi. We hope to cover more African countries in the next five years.

African communities must provide the platform for children and young people to grow into healthy, productive and high performance individuals.

We create an enabling environment for children to grow into healthy and productive member of their communities; by building a network of families in communities to prevent and mitigate the impact of unmet needs on children thereby promoting sustainable behavioral change to address
social concerns.