Stranger Danger

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”Stranger danger” is often used by safety instructors to instill or inculcate the idea that all strangers are potentially dangerous.

I came across two young girls sometime last year, the older one is around 11 years or less walked close to my car and said ‘please we are hungry, give us money to buy food’ their appearance doesn’t look like the usual beggars we see by the roadside. So i decided to interrogate her…where is your parents? I asked and she quickly replied by saying…we live with our grandmother and we don’t have money. I was about giving her a N100 then I paused and I asked the two girls to take me to their grandmother…so i asked them to hop in the car…but before I could open the car door for them…they ran 🏃‍♂️ away as quickly as they can what i learnt from my encounter with the girls….”am a stranger to the girls and they’ve been taught ‘stranger danger”.
Also a Nigerian researcher had a similar encounter while in Lebanon, a group of children were playing football by the roadside so he waved at one the boys and asked him over but boy surprisingly invited all the other boys before approaching him. ‘That means theirs strength in number’ and of course the boy have been sensitise.

The phrase ‘STRANGER DANGER’ is intended to express the danger associated with adults whom children do not know or familiar with.


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