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To build a safe African continent where children and young people can grow, live and maximize their full potentials to develop sustainable solutions to own problems.

ICARE INERNATIONAL overall objective is to strengthen households and communities to impact and equip African children and young people living in Africa and everywhere with capacities to develop sustainable solutions to own problems.


  • To foster child-centered society where children, young people and households needs are met through collective responsibility and partnerships.
  • To promote the prioritization of African children education by supporting disadvantaged school children with school materials, uniforms and menstrual hygiene products to retain
    them in school and increase enrolment for academic excellence.
  • To increase accessibility to opportunities that will enhance total child and development through humanitarian response, health promotion and mentoring programmes.
  • To provide training, internship and volunteering services for capacity building and empowerment of young people in Africa.
  • To empower women and vulnerable households through entrepreneurial skills to respond to child protection and safeguarding need within their communities.
  • Compassion
  • Partnership
  • Balance
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
    As part of our mandate in ICARE INTERNATIONAL, our four thematic projects in education is to promote quality education among primary and secondary school children as mandated by the UNCRC article 28 ‘right to education’ of 1989 and the goal four (4) of the Sustainable
    Development Goals of United Nations. Our education programme has four projects founded on the need for improved enrolment, attendance and performance of the African child.
    The overall goal of the ‘Back to School Project’ is to promote uniformity among returning and new students to ensure no child is left behind. ICARE INTERNATIONAL believe no child deserves to be looked down on because of their appearance and the unmet needs for basic school materials written all over them. The overall objective of the ‘Back to School Project’ is to promote education among all African children of school ages from elementary to secondary school years (with focus on children from disadvantaged households and communities). Second objective of this project is to boost self confidence and esteem of
    the beneficiary to participate without limitation. Third objective of this project is to eliminate barriers in enrolment, completion and performance in academic success which affect a child from maximizing his/her full potentials. The fourth objective of this project is to ensure no child is left behind in actualizing his/her right to standard education in
    Back to School package features 2 sets of school uniforms, 1 backpack, 6 notebooks and writing material set.
    In 2020 alone more than 100 school children have benefited immensely from this project in Nigeria
    B. GIRLSCONNECT PROJECT – the overall goal of the GirlsConnect project is to promote menstrual hygiene management among in-school adolescents through information, education and intervention. The GirlsConnect seeks to impact in-school girls and boys with information to engender support for menstruating girls, this way gender stereotypes and cultural nuances around menstruation are eradicated through information.
    This project is public school based with focus on rural communities and urban slums to encourage school girls to stay in school during menstruation, and hygienic. The Girls Connect project seeks to empower girls with ‘Pad-Up’ initiative for sustainable sanitary products and hygiene. This project plans to reach 10,000 African school adolescent girls from 2021 – 2025 in all ICARE communities across Africa
    ICARE livelihood Programme is centered on improved standard of living for households, groups and communities in Africa. Our livelihood projects target NGOs with children care homes (Orphanage) and communities with high number of orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
    A. GIVEBACK PROJECT – The overall goal of the Giveback project is to promote quality of life by; an Africans for Africans that allows everyone to be a part of the global effort to reduce poverty among children from disadvantaged background. We believe caring is sharing and giving back to our community is the act heroism. We collect used clothes,
    shoes, backpacks, storybooks and toys to share with children in orphanage and motherless homes, internally displaced and refugee camps across Africa.
    B. COMMUNITYCONNECT PROJECT –the overall objective of the
    Community Connect project is provide a support system for children categorized as Orphans and Vulnerable children through entrepreneurial skills, start-up capital and household impact projects to strengthen families, groups and communities to respond to child protection and safeguarding needs. This project targets vulnerable families, women and youth who can benefit from entrepreneurial training for poverty alleviation and increased standard of living.
    ICARE empowerment programme is a combination of sustainability and scalability. Sustainable programs keep the organisation and projects running likewise scale-up. Our general goal is to make ICARE INTERNATIONAL a household name through our interventions (projects) and impacts (transformation).
    A. RESEARCHCONNECT – Research for Academic and development (RAD) project includes activities that individuals, researchers and companies undertake to innovate and introduce new ideas, data for overall development process. The goal of Research Connect project is to promote good academic and development writing; typically this project
    exposes youth to mentoring and field experience while capturing data. The Research Connect team apply both quantitative and qualitative principles in ensuring timely and excellent deliveries for individuals, corporate bodies and professionals.
    B. SCHOOLCONNECT – School uniform is a necessity in Africa for elementary and secondary school pupils in public and private schools in Africa. The overall objective of this project is to become a brand name in school uniform design and supply in Africa.
    Another objective of the School Connect project is to use our platform to solve unmet need for school uniforms among children from poorer families in public schools in Africa. We in ICARE belief appearance promote self confidence and esteem in children. Our vision is
    to ensure that we offer our clients’ quality and standard school uniforms by not only meeting but exceeding their expectations
    C. AFRICACONNECT PROJECT connecting Africa with Africans and the rest of the world. Through volunteering, Internship and training opportunities and placement, young people and adult who wish to see Africa through the African eyes are encouraged to be a part of a life changing experience and learning. The main goal of Africa Connect is to
    promote Africa for Africans where values and skills are essential in learning. The overall objective of this project is to encourage Africans living in Africa and beyond to learn in Africa through volunteering, internship and training. We in ICARE INTERNATIONAL believe people can acquire quality skills right here in Africa without going to Europe or
    North America. Certification alone does not guarantee job placement but with experience applicants or entrepreneurs stand a better chance of a remarkable beginning.
    Africa Connect Project has four (4) packages:
  • Sophomore Package (high school graduate but less than 18years) children with accelerated education but demonstrate high level maturity can apply for 3 to 6months internship program to kick start a career path.
  • Youth Connect Package (Early career development and over 18years)
  • Professional Package – this package is for professionals who are changing career or
    considering a working vacation.
  • In-Country Package – local volunteering and internship placement for citizen of same
    We provide local and international volunteering and internship placement anywhere in Africa.
  • Health Promotion
    Through our Health Connect we organize annual medical outreach to very porous communities for children between 0 and 18 years. Our medical outreaches cover basic ailment and medical consultation; referral is given to patient with more severe condition for further medical examination. Our Health Connect project also promotes social and behavior change communication by organizing different capacity building programmes to educate parents, guardians and careers. The overall objective of Health Connect project is to promote wellbeing and
    total child through healthcare services.