21st Century Parenting

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21st Century Parenting
Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow – Swedish Proverb

👉What is Anxiety? An intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about specific or everyday situations. Your body reactions to anxiety are fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, tiredness, fidgeting, loss of control(stammering, brain fog)
👉 Causes of Anxiety – 🗣Anxiety can be normal in stressful situations such as public speaking or taking a test.🔊 Anxiety may happen to young people who have experienced trauma resulting into PSTD which often triggers anxiety at the repetition of similar event that happened in the past 🔉 However, anxiety can also be an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming and interfere with daily living.
👉 How does anxiety affect children’s productivity? Anxiety can stop children from participating in challenging roles because of fear. As the child grows he/she targets a less competitive subjects and roles. The child self esteem is easily rubbished and are easily targeted by bullies. Normally public speaking and competitive roles should make you anxious as a child or adult, but the anxiousness disappears once you start talking or acting; but once anxiety starts depriving the child from participating in events that should showcase his/her skills then parents and guardians needs to be WORRIED🤯
👉 Beating Anxiety in children before adulthood. To beat Anxiety you need to worry less about what others think or feel about your child(ren), your child(ren) stability comes first; that way you become a safe haven for your child. With this mindset, parent or guardian is required to develop a self help guide for the child, by helping the child to face his/her fear(s). Remember the type of anxiety the child is experiencing will determine the approach or style that best work for you. Facing your fear may require visiting a medical specialist for diagnosis and treatment. Lastly, you can also discuss your child anxiety with the class teacher so the child can receive support from home and school!